Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Trouble with Flying - A Review

 I'm very excited to be sharing an early book review for one of my favorite authors, Rachel Morgan! Rachel is also the author of the Creepy Hollow Series, which is incredible and I highly recommend it. The Trouble with Flying comes out tomorrow!

Title: The Trouble with Flying (The Trouble Series #1)
Author: Rachel Morgan
Publisher: Morgan Media
Publication Date: June 26, 2014

Genre: Sweet NA Romance
Plot: First, here is the summary of "The Trouble with Flying" from Goodreads - When introvert Sarah boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, the last thing she expects is Aiden, the guy sitting next to her who’s never flown anywhere before and refuses to shut up. Hours of random conversation later, they part ways. Sarah can’t stop thinking about Aiden, though, and wondering if she made a terrible mistake letting him go. Should she abandon her safe, predictable life and go in search of him, or would she be chasing a happily ever after that could never exist in real life?

Sarah doesn't like talking to strangers and when she sits down on the plane to fly home, she finds herself next to Aiden, who insists on talking to calm his fears. Despite being uncomfortable, Sarah enjoys talking to Aiden and listening to him. When the flight is over, she's afraid she'll never see Aiden again. A stolen kiss distracts her and Sarah can't stop thinking about Aiden. To be able to live happily ever after, she will have to stop listening to others and discover what she really wants out of life.

The romantic interactions between Sarah and Aiden were wonderfully sweet! I love the stolen kiss in the airport. I won't spoil any of the other moments! Aiden is a refreshing and real young man with flaws and at the same time, he's romantic and honest. He isn't afraid to tell Sarah the truth and be vulnerable around her.

The Trouble with Flying is a story about making our own decisions and letting ourselves fall in love. We can all identify with struggling with what we want to do with our lives. This is an adorable romance that will make you want to eat frosted animal crackers, hike through the mountains, and dream about sweet kisses. I highly recommend this book!

The Trouble with Flying comes out tomorrow to most online retailers! Be sure to buy a copy! Congratulations on your new book, Rachel!!


  1. That's a glowing review! Congrats to Rachel. :)

  2. I just started reading it yesterday, love it so far!