Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm a NaNo Writer

There are fifteen days until NaNoWriMo, if you don't know, that is National Novel Writing Month. 30 days to write 50,000 words! It's a bit crazy, but totally worth it. I'm super excited about it! I'm a NaNo veteran. This will be my sixth NaNo. I've also done three Camp NaNo's. Out of the eight I've completed, only one time did I not finish a book and that was due to the loss of a close friend.

I'm excited to write another NaNo and create another novel! (Though I admit, last year's novel is still sitting in a folder and isn't edited. Oh well - I did write the whole thing.)

Here's a little sneak-peek of what I'll be working on!

Sweet Little Lies
Mock cover

YA Contemporary Romance

Ellie is a cheerleader and loves being popular. She gets decent grades and has a great football player boyfriend. She has plans, and hates when her plans get messed up. When a cheerleader on her squad gets injured, a new guy joins the team and Ellie doesn't know what to think of him.

Thackery dances and endures the teases from his classmates. He has a secret life, that he doesn't tell anyone. He reluctantly joins the cheerleading squad to help out a friend, but he doesn't plan on it. Despite her nature, Thackery sees something in Ellie that he wants to know more about it.

An incident brings them close and to be together, they'll have to stop telling lies and trust each other. To give up their secrets and love. "Sweet Little Lies" is a story about abuse, neglect, love, and loss of control in romance.

It's going to be super fun - so you really should sign-up if you've ever considered writing a novel, but never sat down to do it! Your first draft won't be perfect, but it will be written. You're also welcome to add me as a writing buddy and we can help motivate each other to finish! I'm kristam on the site, so check me out!

Are you going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year? Do you have a plot or are you a pantser? :) I'm a total pantser, but I do at least have an idea to start out.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Good luck with NaNo!

  2. Good luck with NaNo! I'm not taking part this year, which I'm really sad about, but I know I just won't have the time to write as much as I'd need to.

  3. Great intro to your NaNo book! I am participating this year again. I've participated five times, but only completed two - and I'm determined to finish this year's project. I'll be doing my "NaNo book reveal" next week. :)

  4. Nice to meet a fellow pantser. Nano is a lot of fun and while I have never completed a novel in time it's a great way to get started. I really like the story and your mock cover is cool. My idea is also ready and you have inspired me to share it. Quick preview, it involves a spoilt princess from a fairytale transported to our world. While some of that has been done before, it won't seem quite the same when I write it. Why? Because I'm awesome. Best of luck with Nano and adding another future delight for your future agent.

  5. OH NO, NANO!!!!!!! I was trying to pretend it wasn't coming, but now the reminders of the fun are out in full force! Goodl uck to you!!!!!

  6. Good luck with NaNo!

    Your novel idea sounds really cool! (Love the mock cover, by the way.)

  7. I swear one of these years I'll gear up for this NaNo challenge. Sounds like you're well on your way on yours. You can do it! :)