Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Goals

Whew! October was an incredibly busy month! I started a new job and left my old job, so I'm much happier about that, but it's been a lot of work to switch. There were two weeks last month where I worked all 3 jobs in one week. Exhausting! But I'm now settled into my new job and keeping my nanny job. :)

It's time for an update on my monthly writing goals. :)

Here are my goals from October:
* Finish new draft of "Silent Beauty" by Oct. 8th

* Work on NaNoWriMo idea

* Celebrate Halloween!!

 All three goals were completed last month! I win! :) I did get a lot of reading done too, which is wonderful. I'm at 50 books for the year, when my goal was 40. Super excited about that! Here are the books I read in October. (The purple one is a reread.)

Nobody Knows (Razes Hell #1) by Kyra Lennon
The Trouble with Flirting (Trouble Series #2) by Rachel Morgan
Secret Catch by Cassie Mae & Jessica Salyer
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

Goals for November:
* Write to 50,000 words on my NaNo Novel
My NaNo novel is tentatively called "Sweet Little Lies" and it's a YA contemporary romance between a cheerleader and a male dancer.

Only one goal for this month due to time! It's a busy month working retail and the holidays, so writing a book this month will be plenty. If you are doing NanoWriMo, good luck and happy writing! If not, what are your writing goals for November?


  1. Congrats on achieving all your goals this month, and good luck for NaNo!

  2. Good luck! Well done on the goals and hope you had a great Halloween. I'm rebelling and continuing my series for NaNo, due to falling behind a bit. Hope to finish Part 2 and get a start on 3!

  3. Have fun with the new job. And NaNo, of course. Don't drive yourself crazy!

  4. Yup I'm doing double duty with two Nano novels. One YA Fantasy and the other NA Horror. So glad you completed your October goals and best of luck with Nano. Congrats on reaching your goodreads reading goal too. Also that Frozen remix of the song is so sweet. Did you do it?

  5. I'm also doing NaNo (would love another writing buddy - my moniker is Read Faced). My story is a YA adventure fantasy called Slip and Fall. It's the third in a series. Good luck!

    Leanne Ross