Saturday, January 24, 2015

Writing Update #1

I don't have a clever title for today's post, but that's okay!

I'm deep in the throes of another revision for my novel, "Silent Beauty". I really am seeing progress, with the help of my amazing critique partner, and I'm falling more in love with the story. She really knows how to fix the little things and it's like she can see what I'm talking about and help me put it on paper correctly. Seriously, without her, I'd be so lost and I love her for all of the help she's given me.

I started the year with three big rejections for this novel, that's why I'm pausing to revise it again and to rework my query, which I admit is probably awful. I'm awful at summing up my book in less than 300 words, making it clever, and marketable. It's something I just have to keep working on.

Let's see... I've started two novels this year. Meaning I have two first pages done and nothing else. I haven't really decided what I want to write and stick with yet, but that's okay. I always feel like I have a little bit of a hard time starting the new year with progress. How's your writing going? :)


  1. At the moment... my writing is reduced to short fan-fic pieces. I think that may be due to there not being much peace around my house during the school holidays (as well as other factors).

  2. I had to laugh at the picture - I am the girl on the right side so far this year. I've written about three pages and am afraid to go back to them for fear that I will just throw my whole laptop away over my hatred of what I've written LOL.
    Glad your revisions are going well and you have such a helpful CP!