Friday, March 13, 2015

A Pep Talk

It's such a gorgeous day where I live! I actually cuffed my pants and wore my spring shoes today. I think the horribly cold winter is finally over. Which is a relief because toward the end, I was really frustrated and suffering from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). Spring is finally here!

The first flowers of spring :)
I've also been getting quite a bit of writing done, which is wonderful. I've started writing on my new novel, "Just About Average" and it feel so good to be writing again! The words are flowing onto the page. :) This is my first afternoon off work this week and I'm enjoying spending this time writing my new book.

Querying is getting me down on the dumps a little and it is mentally exhausting. I've thought about quitting, but honestly I love this story. I think it's unique and I believe it's a story that should be read. :)

I had an exciting day at my job yesterday! I work as a teacher assistant in a preschool and there's a child in my class that is hard of hearing. He just started wearing hearing aids this year and already we can see a change in him. I assisted in another classroom yesterday afternoon and that classroom also has a child who has hearing aids, but he's had them longer. I learned more about hearing aids and I actually got to see his hearing aid battery be changed. Also, I found out that I will be trained to change batteries of the aids for the little boy in my classroom. I'm learning so much about the subject! I actually got to see the FM system, which is a microphone that connects directly to the child's hearing aids and helps them hear when the teacher needs to speak with that child. It amplifies the sound of just the teacher's voice. I referenced it in my book and now I've actually got to see it!

In the novel I'm querying, "Silent Beauty", my main character Alanna is hearing impaired. I've been learning so much about the different types of hearing loss and deafness. It's been such a great experience and I have a friend who is hard of hearing that's helping me with my book. She's really inspired me to learn as much as I can. I'm even considering taking an ASL class. I love that writing has brought me to learn so much about hearing loss!

I want to leave you with a pep talk for today. This video was shared at one of my school trainings last week and it made us smile. Kid President inspires me.

You were made to be awesome. Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Yay for spring! It's been nice here, too, and it lifts my spirits. :)

  2. Spring! I've heard of that word. I can't remember from where, though. Have fun with writing in your nice weather.

  3. The spring rumor hit here as well! My son is a senior and has had a deaf friend, who has cochlear implants, since 4th grade. The technology is fascinating!

  4. I'm up for some spring right about now. Man, how times flies! :)