Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

I can honestly say that I didn't get much done last month! I know today is the day for an update in my goals, but I didn't get much writing done at all last month. And I'm okay with that. :) I had a busy last few weeks at my preschool job before summer started, getting the kids through graduation and trying to keep their active little minds focused. I'll miss them, but I'm ready for a nice summer break.

Here are my goals from May:
* Write to 30,000 on new novel, "Just About Average"
I only wrote 1,000 words. Oops. I tried? Words are still words. :)

* Begin revisions for "Nothing Left to Lose"

* Read "Play On (Game On Book 4)" by Kyra Lennon

Yep, I wasn't even close to achieving my goals. But I'm okay with that. :) I only read three books, but I'm okay with that! (The ones in purple are rereads.) :)

Play On (Game On, #4) by Kyra Lennon
Wolf-Speaker (Immortals, #2) by Tamora Pierce
Emperor Mage (Immortals, #3) by Tamora Pierce

Goals for June:
* Read "Fraction of Earth" by Kelley Lynn

* Write to 30,000 on "Just About Average"

* Go to my childhood friend's wedding :)

I hope your goals from May went well! I'm looking for to my June goals!!

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  1. Some months are just like that. You have a good attitude. :) Good luck with your goals this month and enjoy your friend's wedding! :)