Monday, March 14, 2016


Spring break!

Today is one of two days that I don't work at either job since it is spring break at the school I work at. I thought I'd take some time to blog. I haven't done much blogging so far this year, which is disappointing on my end. I've been meaning to do it, but I've become so wrapped up in work and in revisions. I finished those revisions and decided I'd start something else.

I've started two ideas just this month and I don't like either of them. My sister was texting me earlier in the day, asking if I'd started something new. As a side note, my sister is my biggest supporter of my writing. I love my big sis. She loves to read my manuscripts and I share all of my ideas with her. If I could dedicate every book I wrote to her, I would. :)

She's my twin (if only we weren't two years apart)
I started talking about the book I'd started a few months ago, before I dove into revisions of a novel I've been working on a lot. She commented that it was darker than the other books I've written. It is. I think that's why it has been harder to me to write it, but at the same time, I started mentioning some other books I've written to her. I realized that it might not be time to write a new novel. I have at least four novels that aren't awful, but need a lot of revisions, are just waiting on my computer.

Something came to mind. I'm good at writing a first draft, but I'm not big at then revising it once I finish. I set it aside and never come back to it. If I loved those characters so much when I wrote them, why wouldn't I want to make their story better? Why don't I revise those novels and see what lost potential they have? Then I can start something new.

So, that's what I'm going to do! I pulled out a novel that I wrote during NaNoWriMo two years ago and rewrote once, but it needs some love. I'm willing to give it another chance. :) Do you ever find yourself abandoning first drafts of novels? Have a great Monday!

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  1. I am hoping to someday have a first draft to abandon! lol