Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Starting Now

It's half way through June and summer is... alright so far. I'm applying for jobs and trying to figure out what I want to do. Which involves a lot of staring at my computer, and watching reruns of "Law and Order: SVU". I have been working on one thing.

I'm a part of the YAvengers blog. I'm Thor. :)

It's something that I joined last year, but we've all been pretty busy and the blog has slowed to a stop. I've been working with one of the other members, Captain America, and helping to recruit some new members to the blog and join us! I've wanted to write again. Well, at least to write on the blog again. I haven't had much progress with working on a new novel yet. I'm still a bit stuck, but I'm working on that. I plan on spending my afternoon writing tomorrow.

Writing used to be this passion I had, but as I've been beaten a bit by the world, it has lost some meaning for me. I've become really tired of waiting for a dream that might never happen. I'm trying to find that passion again. I'm really hoping that I can find that passion again. If I find that passion again, maybe the rest of my life will start to fall into place again. It is possible that I'm putting too much pressure on my writing. I know that. But I'm getting to a point in my life where I've been pretty frustrated. Careers haven't been working out, I'm single at 27, working multiple jobs and not being able to pay bills, along with my writing dream remaining stagnant.

It's been hard the last few months.

I've had three friends make baby announcements in two days. I'm excited for them, but throwing a pity party for myself. It was hard when my friends started getting married before me and now they are having kids while I'm still painfully single. It was hard when my friends started getting agents and now they have books being published, when I can't even decide if I'm a good writer. I'm feeling a bit insecure in my life.

I'm trying to make things better, but it's really been a struggle lately. Sorry if this post was a little honest, but this is me and I'm struggling right now.


  1. What can be said? No answer I could give would help at all. You need to take a different perspective in your life, a different focus. How to do that? No help here.

  2. Dear Miss M,
    It's Olga here. I feel soooooo sorry for you right now so I was like, "Oh my god I absolutely have to write a comment under this post", and, juding by my experience with you, you are one of the best writers I've ever read books from, and my favorite writer that I actually got to meet, so don't be discouraged because you are an awesome writer !!!!!!! And I'm sure you will soon stop struggling with the bills, find the passion to write again soon, find time to write on some boring days, and finally find someone that you love!!!!! I feel sorry for you because I can imagine how hard it is for you when all your friends are married and are pregnant. So don't worry if youj think your posts are too honest, because we all understand life is giving you a bad time, and I'm sure it will stop soon. Some good news from me though, is that I have subscribed to the YAvengers blog!!!! And I have literally read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOUR. TWEETS. You know those hashtags that say we're here for you and then you put that persons name after it? Well, Miss M, here's some for you:
    #We'reHereForYouMissM #We'reHereForYouKrista #We'reHereForYouKjmclaughlin #We'reHereForYouTheBestWriterI'veEverRead !!!!!!!
    You're welcome :)
    If you look on my Google+ page, every single one of the posts after the time I posted this are going to include at least one of them until there's a post titled : "My life is better now!" on this very blog. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)