Friday, July 1, 2016

July Goals

It's July! :) I can honestly say that last month started rough, but it got much better. I did well with my goals! And I have today off work, so I'm planning on hopefully going to see "Finding Dory"! Yes, I'm an adult, but I've waited so long for this movie!

It's also the first of the month and time for an update in my goals.

Here are my goals from June:
* Write 5,000 words
On anything! I actually wrote 10,000 words on a novel and about 5,000 on a fun project. :) It feels pretty good to be writing!

* Write a plan for life changes

I didn't write a full plan, but I did find a job!!

* See "Me Before You" in theaters!

I almost did it! The only goal I didn't get to was the last one. I waited too long and the movie was gone from my local theater before I could get a chance to see it. Though I confess that I saw "Captain America: Civil War", 3 times last month. :) It was totally worth it. I'll just see "Me Before You" when it comes out on DVD. As for reading, I didn't do as much, but I'm still ahead with my goal, so that's okay. :) Here are the books I did read:

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1) by Jenny Han
Robyn (Making a Splash, #1) by Jade Parker

Two books is still better than reading no books. :)

Goals for July:
* Write 10,000 words
On new novel! Or on fun project! Just keep writing!

* Read four books

* Buy a new bookcare
I've had the same little bookcase for years and I'm ready for a bigger one. :)

How did your goals from June go? What are your goals for July? I'm off to get read to see "Finding Dory"!


  1. A new bookcase is always a good thing!
    Goals for July are stressful. We are preparing to move at the end of the month, and it is pretty overwhelming. BUT we are going to see family in Illinois, which is awesome.

  2. Me Before You only stayed for about a week in Jamaica so I missed it as well. Cap 3 is worth seeing whenever you can. Funny your goal this month is ten thousand words. I need to finish up a freelance client order of 10,000 words and with this being the second order that makes me doing 20,000 words in only two weeks. Help I'm drowning in draft business. I usually do at most 5,000 words per order but this was a special client and she asked me to help her. Love her but never again man. The money is not enough, my poor brain....

    Best of luck with your latest goals.

  3. Congrats on getting some writing done! Hopefully I'll be celebrating that next month. I've been stuck in such a rut!
    I wanted to see Me Before You as well, but I think I missed my chance. DVD it is, then!

  4. Congrats on getting a lot of writing down. My goals for this month are to write, revise, and relax. Not necessarily in that order :-) Good luck with your July goals.