Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wrapping Up 2016

Another year has come and gone. It's hard to believe, but it happened. It was a year of some good things, but some bad things too. There's been a lot of sadness, losing Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Debbie Reynolds, Anton Yelchin (Ensign Chekov), Alan Rickman... and more. We grieve, but we move on and live with their memories. Hopefully 2017 won't take so many wonderful people away from us.

It's time to wrap up my writing goals from this year!

Goals for 2016

Writing Goals –

“Silent Beauty”
 * Query another round of agents
* Consider self-publishing
* Hire editor/cover designer

* Finish first draft by April
* Revise
* Send to critique partners
* Revise again

“Somebody to Love”
* Rewrite second draft
* Send to critique partners
* Consider self-publishing

NaNoWriMo – November
* Write a new novel

Personal –

* Read at least 50 books
* Find a literary agent
* Finish rereading the Harry Potter series
* Learn a new talent
* Start saving money

"Silent Beauty"
I've revised this novel again, adding 24,000 words to the novel, changing the ending some, adding plot depth, internal dialogue, and adding to the characters. I still love this novel so much! I'm really hoping that it can be in libraries and bookstores someday. :) It's still my favorite book that I've written. I still have a little more hope before I possibly self-publish or shelve the novel next year. Time will tell I guess!

I started writing this novel, but I struggled to write the first draft. (see below)

"Somebody to Love"
For now, I've decided to shelve it this novel. It's a YA Fantasy book and I think I like writing contemporary better. I might get back to it later.

NaNoWriMo novel - "Charlotte"
I wanted to write this novel earlier in the year, but got stuck and stopped writing it. I decided to write it for NaNoWriMo and fell in love with Charlotte's character. Her love interest, William, is homeless and looking for a friend. Charlotte, a pregnant teen, is desperate to make sense of all of the pain in her life. It became somewhat of a Christmas novel, which I love. I'm very excited to start editing it! I also would like to think of a better title for it.

My favorite moment of 2016, meeting Billy Boyd :)
I didn't finish all of my writing goals or my personal goals, but I made progress. :) I'm writing and reading. I finished writing my thirteenth novel. 13. Maybe that's an unlucky number for some, but I'm hoping it is my lucky number. Overall, I think I did well on my goals! Writing felt harder this year, but I'm glad things are getting better. I did reach my goal of reading 50 books this year! I had to scramble a little at the end, but I finished. :) 

I hope your goals from 2016 went well! I'll be sharing my goals for 2017 on Saturday.


  1. It's so wonderful you managed to complete so many of your goals this year. Wishing you the best in 2017! :)

  2. I understand your sentiments. I was incredibly upset at Alan Rickman's death. That man still had so much to give. And that quote. It gives me life.